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Fuel log, costs and mileage tracking app for Android

Track your fill-ups, fuel consumption, fuel costs, other vehicle's costs and save money. Fuelio is available for FREE (no ads!) at Google Play Store.

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Fuelio joins Sygic

I’m glad to announce that Fuelio is joining the Sygic, the company focusing on navigation apps like Sygic GPS Navigation (the world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app), be-on-road, Speed cameras, Sygic Car Navigation, Sygic Truck Navigation and Family locator.

As you know, Fuelio was my private project since 2011, but time has come to take it to another level. I want you to know I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be still Fuelio app main developer and product leader. I believe that being part of Sygic will help me to create a better app and fuel my future plans.

Just one more thing. Fuelio Pro features are now available for free to everyone (still no ads!).

Feature list

  • Easy and clean design (no ads!)
  • Mileage log (track your fill-ups, costs, fuel economy, partial fillups, gps location)
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Useful statistics (total statistics, fill-ups, costs, average, fuel economy stats ...)
  • Distance unit: kilometres, miles
  • Fuel unit: litres, us gallons, imperial gallons
  • Import/Export database to SD
  • Import/Export to CSV file (Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Google Docs spreadsheet...)
  • Show your fill-ups on Google Map
  • Languages: 15+ translations
  • Charts: Fuel comsumption, Fuel price, Fill-up costs, Total Odo, Monthly costs
  • Create report for your vehicle
  • Bi-Fuel vehicles support (cars with 2 tanks - for example Gasoline + LPG)
  • Flex fuel type support
  • And more...

PRO feature list (now FREE!)

  • Dropbox Sync (official API)
  • Auto-sync with Dropbox (while adding fill-ups or costs)
  • Google Drive Sync (official API)
  • Auto-sync with Google Drive (while adding fill-ups or costs)
  • Shortcut (widget) for faster fill-ups adding
  • Costs module you can track other expenses of your car (not only fuel)
  • Cost stats - you can define your own category (like service, maintenance, insurance, wash, parking...)
  • Summary and each category stats
  • Cost charts (fuel vs other costs, categories, total montly costs)
  • Donation to author :)


Adrian Kajda

Programmer and webdeveloper since 1999, now trying to learn Android SDK. This app is in some way a lesson for me of this environment.


Google+: google.com/+Fuelio
Twitter: twitter.com/fuelio
Facebook: facebook.com
Mail: adrian.kajda(@)gmail.com

Terms of use, bugs

Every app may have bugs and nobody likes them so fell free to contact me if you find one.

Please, use this application at your own risk, I cannot guarantee it will work on your device but I will do my best to make it work. Be warned :)

Report bugs: fuelio.userecho.com

Release notes

7.0 / 2017-05-25

NewNearby Card (quick access to petrol stations, prices)


NewLast entries card

NewDashboard configuration (Settings/Home)

NewSmall UI changes

NewNavigate to Petrol Station button

NewUpdate for brands

NewBetter support for LPG

NewFew other small fixes

6.4.1 / 2017-03-17

NewCalculator (new calculations: trip cost, distance, required fuel, consumption)

NewTwo new Dark Themes (Teal and Dark Sygic)

NewPossibility to group/ungroup cost categories at dashboard card (Settings/Home)

NewMigration to new Dropbox API. You need to relogin to your Dropbox account to use new API

NewMuch faster cold start (optimization)

NewDropbox Autobackup (6.4.1)

6.3.0 / 2016-12-12

NewPetrol Station's map layout. Icons for some top brands, showing rating

6.2.0 / 2016-12-02

NewUpdated charts

NewCustom dates for charts (you can define custom dates to generate chart)

NewSupport for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew...)

6.1.4 / 2016-11-15

FixCrashes on Map

6.1.3 / 2016-11-11

NewMap filtering options (selected fuel type)

NewFuel price list (sorting by price, date, distance, rating)

NewQuick change price buttons on petrol station dialog

6.1.2 / 2016-11-08

NewAdditional settings to deal with currencies (Settings/Currency)

FixFew small other issues

6.1.2 / 2016-11-08

NewAdditional settings to deal with currencies (Settings/Currency)

FixFew small other issues

6.1.0 / 2016-11-01

NewNumber formatting and better currency support

NewNew Google Drive API (faster and lower permission...)

NewFaster GPS detection (also freezing for some users should be fixed now)

NewAndroid 7.1 App Shortcuts (hold down the icon to see it)

NewNew shortcuts/widget for older devices (logs and petrol stations)

FixBrowsing map with petrol stations should be faster

FixFew other small issues fixed

6.0.7 / 2016-10-06

NewJapanese translation (Tomoyuki Mukai)

NewNow you can see petrol station rating also on the list with prices

FixBug releated with saving prices for some users

6.0.6 / 2016-09-25

NewBetter filtering for petrol stations (highlighting)

FixBug fixes, new alternative consumption estimation in Stats

6.0.5 / 2016-09-15

NewUpdated libraries

FixBug fixes

6.0.4 / 2016-09-07

NewMaterial Design updates

NewUpdated translations

FixA lot of bug fixes!

6.0.3 / 2016-08-15

NewNew Petrol Station Layout

NewVisits and Likes for Petrol Stations

NewNew translation: Latvian (Edgars Strods)

6.0.0 / 2016-07-25

NewCrowdsourcing features!

NewPetrol stations and fuel prices!

New>Favourite petrol stations

NewAuto sync between devices (beta)

FixA lot of bug fixes!

5.7.5 / 2016-05-28

NewMaterial Design update

NewNew: Themes! (Light themes and Dark Theme)

FixMany, many small fixes/p>

5.6.1 / 2016-04-21

NewElectric vehicle support

NewReports (more detailed reports - possibility to include/exclude single category)

NewPossibility to Archive vehicle (hide from the list)

FixOther small issues reported by users

5.5.1 / 2016-03-18

NewGeorgian translation (George Salukvadze)

NewVietnamese translation (ktrung72)

FixMany bugs reported by users (reminders, charts, log...)

5.5.0 / 2016-03-11

NewUpdated dashboard look.

NewReminders layout (progress bars).

FixedReminder's issues

5.4.4 / 2016-02-17

FixedCharts rendering issues, adding reminder crashes, better validation while adding new fillup

5.4.3 / 2016-01-21

FixedA lot of small issues reported by users.

FixedSubtypes list while adding new fillup

FixedUpdated translations

5.4.2 / 2016-01-12

NewFlex fuel support. Please note, that if you have a Flex car you shoudn't check Bi-Fuel option (2 tanks). Flex vehicles are using one tank. With this type you'll be able to use (gasoline+ethanol subtypes).

FixedA lot of bugs reported by users, small improvements (multiline fields added...)

FixedForce close while starting app using widget

5.4.0 / 2015-12-30

NewFuel types added!

NewBi-Fuel vehicles support

NewSmall UI changes and better charts

NewColoured progress bars in Fuel Log (option)

NewConsumption - assign calculated consumption to previous record in the log (option)

FixedMany bugs reported by users

5.3.3 / 2015-11-03

NewYou can preload last volume price on the Add Fillup screen (Settings/Other settings)

FixedFew bugs reported by users

5.3.2 / 2015-10-23

NewYou can now set repeat intervals for reminders (months, km/mi)

FixedMany fixes and performance optimization

5.3.1 / 2015-09-18

Fixed Optimization to Fuel Log, added animations, fixed cache issues, long clicks on the list replaced with one click pattern with new context menu...

5.3.0 / 2015-09-18

NewCreate Report - module for creating reports (generate and share)

NewAndroid 6 (Marshmallow) new runtime permission support!

NewThai translation (Suthum Boonthoon)

NewSpanish (Mexico) translation (Herman Alonso Barrantes Víquez)

5.2.1 / 2015-08-18

NewLocal auto backup (will run once a day and save backups of your vehicles at: /Fuelio/backup-local/)

FixSmall bugs (it's easier to use small overflow button in Cost Log)

5.2.0 / 2015-08-10

NewCosts Log layout (more material colors!)

NewCost Categories layout (possibility to assign color to category)

NewCost templates (easy way to reuse previously added cost)

NewShortcut buttons on dashboard

NewUpdated translations

5.1.0 / 2015-07-18

NewVehicle section (new layout, new list, additional fields)

NewIndonesian (Sangwang Amarapati)

NewUpdated menudrawer look

NewMany fixes and performance optimization

NewUpdated translations

5.0.4 / 2015-06-05

NewNow you can save fillup with GPS position without the Internet connection (GPS is used as temporary name). Coordinates are saved and you will see position on the map.

NewUpdated fillups map look

FixMany fixes and performance optimization

FixUpdated translations

5.0.3 / 2015-05-04

NewFAB (Floating Action Button) on Dashboard (due to many requests)

NewNumber of days since the last fillup on dashboard (not only date)

FixMany fixes and performance optimization (dashboard startup is much faster)

FixUpdated translations

5.0.2 / 2015-04-07

NewBACKUP ALL and RESTORE ALL options in Settings. They will replace local .db import/export option which wasn’t stable (every database change in the app, ie. feature change made .db import outdated). Backup All and Restore All options are doing the same thing (with just one click!) using text format and they are safe. If you have .db backup, you can still import your database but this option will be removed in future.

NewYou can now browse your phone directories while using Import CSV option (ie. it’s easy to import a file from Android’s Download folder).

NewSettings layout

FixMany fixes and tweaks for reading CSV files

FixNexus 6 chart’s DPI problem (very small font size)

FixUpdated translations

5.0.1 / 2015-03-22

NewNew: Few additional checks while adding new fillups (will help you to keep chronological order in your log).

FixFixed: Drawer icon for Android 5.1, few force close crashes, missing styles at adding widget screen...

FixUpdated translations and Google's libraries

5.0.0 / 2015-03-10

NewFuelio Pro features are now FREE for everyone

4.2.2 / 2015-02-22

FixFixed: Minor bugs (ActionMode colors, Charts DPI on QHD devices)

4.2.1 / 2015-02-12

FixFixed: Problems with menu drawer on some devices (confirmed on Huawei), some bugs connected to costs module

NewAutomatically save GPS position while adding fillup (Settings > Other Settings)

FixMany small UI changes (navigation drawer overlaps the status bar when open, fixed shadows...). Better compatibility with Google's Material Design guidelines

4.1.2 / 2015-02-01

NewMacedonian translation (Goran Petrovikj)

FixPerformance changes, mostly in stats calculation.

4.1.1 / 2015-01-22

NewSerbian (Cyrillic) translation (Boban Stajic)

Fixbug fixes (white fonts in settings on some older HTC phones, few other fixes and optimizations)

4.1.0 / 2015-01-05

NewAverage cost per km/gallon with costs (fuel + other costs) (PRO)

NewNew, totally rewritten reminders. Now you can add reminder without having to add cost information (PRO)

FixEditing and saving fillup with location losing city name from log. Performance fixes, updated translations

4.0.2 / 2014-12-10

FixFix: White labels at Fuel Log on some older HTC devices with Android 4.1.

Fix Some minor fixes, updated Google and Dropbox libraries, translations.

4.0.1 / 2014-11-29

NewAverage mileage per day and month in Stats

Fix Updated Google Play Services, removed two permissions from manifest.

4.0.0 / 2014-11-23

NewMaterial Design (new navigation drawer, floating action buttons, material colors...). There are still many things I should change and I’m working on it.

FixMany, many UI changes and fixes

NewRemoved almost all external libraries

NewNew translations: Chinese Simplified (Enjie Fan), Hebrew (Yishai Bouganim)

NewDropped support for 2.3 devices

3.8.0 / 2014-09-03

New Background service (that will check once a day for reminders and show you notification even if Fuelio is closed. No internet connection is required. You will see notification also on your Android Wear device. Service is OFF by default (PRO)

3.7.0 / 2014-07-23

New Monthly charts (Fuel) and Costs charts (Pro). Totally rewritten with many fixes and new look!

Fix Reminder's date picker default value and few other small bugs reported by users

3.6.1 / 2014-06-25

Fix Better date handling in CSV files while importing, date picker while editing, selected location while editing, other minor issues.

Fix Updated translations, Google's libraries.

3.6.0 / 2014-05-09

New Foregin currency support for costs (the same way as fuel module).

Fix Small bug fixes, updated translations, Google's libraries

3.5.1 / 2014-04-25

New Average cost per month and average cost per day in fuel stats.

New Automatically add note with foreign currency details to fill-up (new option).

New Option to turn off Google Drive/Dropbox backup notification.

New NBetter handling for dates in CSV files

New Updated translations

3.5.0 / 2014-04-08

New Foregin currency support (Settings/Currency). You can manually add exchange rates

New Open virtual keyboard automatically while adding new entries (Option: Settings/Other settings). Off by default.

New Updated translations

Fix Odo reminder unit bug while importing from CSV (Costs)

3.4.1 / 2014-02-20

New Korean translation (Seunguk Kim)

Fix Force Close error in Mileage Log on some devices

3.4.0 / 2014-02-13

New Possibilty to manually add/change GPS location (long tap on fill-up and choose Location). You can also reuse your previous locations. Long press on mileage long and you'll find Location option.

New Norwegian translation (Dario Dvornik)

Fix Some small bugs, updated Google libraries, updated translations

3.3.0 / 2014-01-21

New Reorganized fuel Stats (new values, new categories)

New Possibility to filter Costs Charts in time (Pro)

New Updated translations

3.2.0 / 2014-01-07

New New: Possibity to filter charts in time

New Updated translations

Fix Fixed: Better looking Monthly Costs chart in landscape mode

3.1.3 / 2013-12-20

New Tweaks for KitKat (Android 4.4)

New New better looking app icon (and XXXHDPI version for KitKat)

New Some tweaks to charts (better looking fonts etc, small UI changes)

New Updated translations

Fix Other small bugs reported by users

Fix Moved checking for monthly costs functions to dashboard (PRO)

Fix Fuel price can Fuel price can exceed 6 signs

3.1.2 / 2013-11-11

Fix Fixed: Issues with list rendering on log

New Updated translations

3.1.1 / 2013-11-07

Fix Bugfix release (importing old CSV format, Partial fill-up bugs)

3.1.0 / 2013-11-06

New Small dashboard icons

New Missed fill-up feature (finally!)

New Performance optimization: scrolling through log should be smooth

New Chinese Traditional translation (Elaishio Chen)

New Stats layout (UI card)

Fix Better cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) auto synchronization stability (PRO)

Fix Price/km and Price/mil on mileage log

Fix Other minor issues

3.0.4 / 2013-09-25

Fix Google Drive Backup should be more stable (problem with connectivity errors should be solved).

Fix Unit label on add screen while changing vehicles

Fix Crash on "Add screen"

Fix Other bugs (FCs) reported by users

Fix Updated Google Play Services library

3.0.3 / 2013-09-13

New Colors on dashboard (last fuel price and last fuel consumption). Green - previous value was better (lower price, lower fuel consumption), red - worse.

Fix Reseting units on dashbaord (mostly after killing app and mpg units)

3.0.2 / 2013-09-09

New "Back" button is back (due to many requests I changed it and it should be more intuitive now)

New Stats: ugly dialog from stat's screen replaced by default Android 4.x progress bar spinner.

Fix Minor bugs fixes

3.0.1 / 2013-09-03

New Small improvments on dashboard (italic FUEL and COSTS labels are shortcuts to logs)

Fix Fixes for Android 2.x (menu drawer on map activity, missing menu drawer icons)

New Add and Add Cost screens moved to lower level (from top-level). This means you can use back button there and go back to top-level activity.

New Slovenian translation (Jaka Potrpin, Boštjan Ravter)

3.0.0 / 2013-08-22

New New dashboard (overview screen)

New UI adjustment for tablets (polished layouts, static menu drawer for landscape mode on 7+ screens).

New Updated translations

Fix Fixed: miles (cost log odo fix), small font size on charts (Full HD screens) and many other minor fixes...

Note: If you have problem with Map, please install the lastest version of Google Play Services.

2.11 / 2013-07-14

New: Sliding menu (you can easily switch from mileage log to charts, costs etc...). Dashboard (start page) will be redesigned in future.

New: Map view (UI refresh, Google Maps API v2, satellite view... ).

New method for finding GPS fix (removed dialog window, you can enter fill-up details while searching for signal).

Galician translation (Xesús M. Mosquera).

Minor bugs fixes.

2.10.1 / 2013-06-18

*** Units were reset to defaults. Please go to Vehicle section and set your units. ***

Units defined per vehicle.

Preload last odo counter value (as hint) while adding new fill-up.

Delete vehicle confirmation (harder to accidentally remove vehicle).

New CSV Backup format. Now units and your vehicle name, description are stored in CSV file.

Updated translations.

[2.10.1] Fixed calc's units bug, FC on fuel log and minor fixes

2.9.6 / 2013-05-11

[Fixed] Max/Min fuel price for gallons (bug in 2.9.5 for gallons)

[New] Portuguese translation (Paulo Esperança, Manuel Gonçalves)

Updated translations

2.9.5 / 2013-05-07

[Fixed] (Stats) Best and worst fuel consumption values for km/gal

[Fixed] Updated translations

Updated Google Drive API

2.9.4 / 2013-04-29

[New] New fuel consumption (economy) units: km/gal (us), km/gal (uk)

[New] Persian (Farsi) translation (Saeed Ghazi Joolaee)

[Fixed] Date format on add fuel and cost screen (date button)

[Fixed] Too short cost input (for bigger amounts)

[Fixed] Average value on fuel consumption chart (line was invisible for mpg)

[Fixed] Updated translations

Updated Google Play Services library and Google Drive API

2.9.3 / 2013-03-26

[Fixed] Importing old Fuelio's format CSV files (before reminders)

[Added] Last odo counter value in Stats

[Fixed] (Reminders) Wrong status for monthly costs

Updated translations.

2.9.1 / 2013-03-14

Reminders for costs (PRO)

You can add reminder for your cost. Upcoming reminders will be visible on dashboard and cost log (action bar notification). You can choose in settings when reminders should be marked as urgent (red coloured notification). Fuelio will check your reminders on start. There are no unnecessary background services.

Another fix for saving GPS location (thanks Raido Kuli).

Fix for Google Drive backup (updated Google Play Services library).

Updated translations.

2.8.0 / 2013-02-08

Refreshed UI for Android 4.1+ devices (Hello Roboto!)

Fixed: Saving GPS location (should be more stable).

Added: Croatian translation (Dario Dvornik).

Google Api Services Library Update (Google Drive).

Updated translations.

2.7.0 / 2013-01-29

Performance update (click on Charts, you should see the difference if you have a lot of data in your log)

Added: Estonian translation (Urmo Luts, Raido Kuli)

Updated translations.

2.6.1 / 2013-01-24

Bug Fix Release.

Fixed: Label names (Calculator)

Fixed: Cost log (editing when filtering categories)

Fixed: Google Drive Backup should be more stable.

2.6.0 / 2013-01-22

Added: Google Drive Backup (import/export, automatic synchronization with Google Drive) (PRO)

Dropped support for 2.1 devices. Google Play Services is 2.2+ only.

Refreshed lists' UI (costs and fuel log)

Some minor improvements (e.g. fast scrolling on lists is now enabled)

2.5.2 / 2013-01-07

Fixed: Dashboard in landscape mode.

Fixed: Dialogs in Android 4.x missing Holo Theme.

2.5.1 / 2013-01-06

New Action Bar library: ActionBarSherlock (migration from GreenDroid).

Moved vehicle selector to ActionBar's subtitle (selected vehicle's name is always visible on the top now).

Refreshed fuel/cost's form UI.

Added: Turkish translation (Tolga Şancı).

Updated translations.

2.4.1 / 2012-12-12

Added: Bulgarian translation (Dragomir Draganov)

Fixed: Saving GPS location (should be more stable now but this probably not the last fix)

Fixed: Missing rounding on some values (Cost charts)

2.4.0 / 2012-12-09

Added: Trip cost calculator. You can enter custom values or you can use values from your log (last/average fuel price, last/average fuel consumption) to calculate trip cost.

Fixed: Saving GPS location option (rewritten). Please let me know if it's better now (especially on SIII and Note phones).

Updated translations.

2.3.0 / 2012-11-20

(PRO) Cost Log: Filter by category option.

2.2.2 / 2012-11-12

(PRO) Force close fix for Costs module. Please mail me if you still have problems with it.

2.2.1 / 2012-11-11

(PRO) New: Recurring costs. Possibility to add cost that will be repeated monthly in your log.

Updated translations.

New launcher icon for high density XXHDPI screens (Nexus 10)

Some minor bugs fixed.

2.1.2 / 2012-10-30

(Fuel Stats) Fix for gallons (best/worst price)

2.1.0 / 2012-10-28

(Map) Top Cities stats based on your GPS data

Added: Afrikaans translation (Hendrik Bosman)

Updated translations

2.0.2 / 2012-10-15

(PRO) New vehicle's costs module (costs list, cost charts and stats). Now you can track other expenses of your car (not only fuel). There are some default categories defined but you can add your own items. I'm working on new items such as reminders and additional stats for your data.

New Swedish translation (Nattugglan70)

Some additional info in Fuel Stats

Fixed chart issues with labels on tablets

Download Pro Key

1.21.0 / 2012-08-20

New: Default vehicle setting. App will remember your last selected vehicle even if you close app or reboot phone

New: Important optimization on Stats (it's a few times faster to see Stats after first recalculating)

Fixed: Bad average costs per unit value on Stats and Mileage Log if you have partial fill-ups

1.20.3 / 2012-08-17

Fixed: Bad average fuel consumption value in Stats in some cases (Stats only bug!)

1.20.2 / 2012-08-16

Fixed: Wrong value for best/worst price (gallons bug)

Added: Dutch translation (Machiel van den Brink)

Changed: Refreshed stats layout

1.20.1 / 2012-08-06

Fixed: Send to Dropbox force close error on some devices (PRO only)

Updated translations

1.20.0 / 2012-08-01

Added: New monthly costs screen

Added: New litres/gallons per month table on monthly costs screen

Fixed: More accurate GPS fix

Updated translations

1.19.0 / 2012-07-20

Added: Hungarian translation (Miklós Monostory)

Bug fix release (many small bugs, force close errors fix, performance issues...)

Updated translations

1.18.0 / 2012-06-28

Added: Full Dropbox backup (all vehicles with one click) (PRO only)

Added: Auto-sync when adding/editing new fill-ups (PRO only)

Updated translations

1.17.0 / 2012-06-13

Added: Default odo counter setting

Added: Now you can use fuel price with 3 digits after the decimal point (standard in many countries)

Added: Ukrainian translation (Sergii Ponko)

Fixed: Bug in monthly cost chart (with high values not visible on chart)

1.16.0 / 2012-06-06

New Fuelio Pro (Pro Key/donate version). Fuelio is my spare time project, I would be very grateful if you donate this project buying Pro version.

Added: Desktop shortcut for adding fill-ups (PRO)

Added: Dropbox Backup (official API) (PRO)

Added: Date format settings

Added: Greek translation (Ioannis Glynos, Slumdog Team)

Fixed few other bugs (FC while adding fill-up on some phones), updated translations.

(please CONTACT ME if you still have problems while using gallons/miles)

1.15.0 / 2012-04-17

Added: Trip meter input while adding fill-ups (as option)

Added: Volume price input while adding fill-ups. You can add fill-ups in three ways now: fuel+price, fuel+volume price, price+volume price. Third value will be calculated automatically.

Added: German translation (Steffen Schraub)

Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luis Eduardo Loch)

Added: Romanian translation (Bogdan Calapod)

Fixed some other minor bugs

(please CONTACT ME if you still have problems while using gallons/miles)

1.14.0 / 2012-03-30

Changed: Small UI update (Holo Theme for ICS devices)

Added: Italian translation (Alessandro Ambrosini, Adriano Archetti)

1.13.1 / 2012-03-21

Changed: updated translations

Added: Czech translation (Petr Janík)

Added: Spanish translation (Darkcruzado)

1.13 / 2012-03-01

Added: New Charts inteface. You can now easily slide between charts

1.12 / 2012-02-15

Added: New Charts interface

Added: Average value on Fuel Consumption chart

Fixed: Bug with long city names in mileage log

1.11 / 2012-02-01

Added: New additional fuel economy unit: km/l

Added: Notes for fill-ups

1.10 / 2012-01-20

Added: Improved Mileage Log scrolling (should be more smooth).Go to Stats to rebuild cache.

Added: New "Add" button in Log for fill-ups fast adding.

Added: Fuel Economy unit in Settings. It's not connected with Fuel Unit anymore.

Added: French translation (Gwenaël, Magda Piejko)

Added: Lithuanian translation (Vytenis Kučiauskas)

1.9.4 / 2012-01-17

Added: Slovak translation (Frantisek Chytil)

Updated: Russian translation (Alex 'CfYz' Mit)

1.9.3 / 2012-01-06

Added: Catalan translation (Aleix Vidal i Gaya)

Added: Change Log dialog (Settings/Change log)

Updated: Danish translation (Jan Christensen)

Updated: Finnish translation (Patrik Selin)

Updated: Russian translation (Tomasz Moskal)

1.9.2 / 2011-12-30

Added: Currency (default value can be changed in settings)

Fixed: Cost per unit (now it shows properly values)

Fixed: "Force close" errors in Mileage Log, Stats

1.8.0 / 2011-12-27

Added: Cost per unit (km/mi) values in Stats and Log

Added: Cost per unit chart

1.7.1 / 2011-11-17

Added: new icons for xhdpi screens

Added: Russian translation (Tomasz Moskal)

Added: Danish translation (Jan Christensen)

Updated: Finnish translation (Patrik Selin)

1.7.0 / 2011-11-13

Added: CSV text file Import/Export

Changed: Backup data moved to sdcard/Fuelio directory

Fixed: minor bug fixes

1.6.2 / 2011-11-02

Fixed: Total odometer chart was showing values in kilometres even when you were switched to miles.

1.6.1 / 2011-10-26

Added: Monthly costs chart

Added: Total odometer chart

Added: Finnish translation (thanks to Patrik Selin)

1.5.0 / 2011-10-06

Changed: Better fill-ups log layout

Added: Distance (mi, km) between fill-ups

Added: Fuel economy below average (l/100km) and above average (mpg) is marked green

Added: Share fuel price & place (long press on fill-up)

1.4.3 / 2011-10-04

Fixed: Date format while adding new fill-up.

1.4.2 / 2011-09-27

Fixed: Bugfixes in stats, maps (refresh problem)

1.4.0 / 2011-09-24

Added: Fill-up cost chart

Added: New "Select car" dialog window (now you know which car is selected).

1.3.0 / 2011-09-20

Added: New map viewer interface

Fixed: Fuel economy stats (sometimes messed up while editing fill-ups)

1.2.0 / 2011-08-16

Added: Fuel price chart (per litre, per gallon).

1.1.2 / 2011-08-11

Fixed: Multiple cars stats bugs (in some special cases).

1.1.1 / 2011-08-11

Fixed: Stats values (average worst fuel economy is now correct).

1.1.0 / 2011-08-10

Added: Fuel Consumption chart (l/100km, mpg).

Changed: For settings press "Menu" button on dashboard screen.

Changed: Better GPS fix (due to some requests getting location by network provider has been removed).

Some other small fixes.

1.0.1 / 2011-08-05

Fixed: Translation bug in Stats
Fixed: Mileage Log view bug

1.0 / 2011-08-04

Initial release (1.0)