Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (simplified version FAQ)

As you may know GDPR (EU law on data protection and privacy) will start to apply on May 25th 2018. Fuelio is part of Sygic which is european company. We’ve changed our privacy policy already.

Full version of our Privacy Policy is available here: Privacy Policy

On this page we’d like to give you short overview of how we use your data and what kind of data we are collecting in Fuelio app.

We don’t serve ads and we don’t collect any IDs related with advertisement like Advertisment ID
We are not showing ads in Fuelio. We are not using any external APIs so there’s not need to collect any information like Advertisement ID. We simply don’t collect this kind of information.

We don’t know your identity
We don’t have your e-mail address or IP address.
To use Fuelio right now there’s not need to sign in. Data is stored locally and it’s yours. We also don’t store your IP.

Log entries in Fuelio are stored on your device
We don’t store your data in the cloud. This information is saved on your phone. We don’t have access to your data (fuel logs, cost logs…). That is why when you don’t have backup - we are not able to restore your data.

Google Drive Backup (Google OAuth authorization)
You can connect Fuelio to Google Drive. If you want to do that you need to allow access to your Google Drive to Fuelio. We are using official Google API libraries to do that. We are also using only limited access to your Drive. We can read files saved only by the Fuelio app. We are not able to see your other files on your Drive. Using Drive Backup is optional.

Fuel prices and crowdsourcing - anonymous data
We are collecting information about gas prices and gas stations (services) in our database. This data is anonymous and it’s optional to use in the app. If you are using crowdsourcing features in the app and you are sharing this information with others - it is saved in our database.
Fuel price information contains unique ID - random string generated by us which is used for moderation part and ratings. Thanks to this we know you have rated gas station etc. We are not using your device ID here. We are using randomUUID. Thanks to this it is anonymous information.

Encryption, SSL
Traffic to and from our database (API) is fully encrypted. We are storing data in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud which is compliant with GDPR.

Traffic data
We added Trip Log feature in Fuelio 7.4. With this feature you can track your routes, save GPS tracks. While you are driving we are able to collect anonymous information about traffic. First of all, we don't store your routes here! We don't know your identify and you are helping us to collect anonymous data about traffic we use in other Sygic products (read more info how traffic information woks).
This is optional and you can always turn off this option in Settings any time you want (Settings/Trip Log/Help improve traffic).

Statistics / Analytics / Crashes
To improve Fuelio and give you better features we are using both Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics (Google products). Thanks to these tools we know general information about app’s usage. We are not using these tools for serving or tacking users or ads because we don’t have ads in Fuelio. We don’t use tracking info here. Google Analytics User-ID tracking is turned off. We are also using these tools to track crashes in the app.