Gas stations are missing, adding new gas station

I don't see all gas stations in my area. Gas station is missing. Can I add new gas station by myself?

Yes! We are working hard to keep our database up-to-date in terms of petrol station. If something is missing - you can add new petrol station by yourself.

It's a little bit hidden (we know it and we are working change it) - you can do that while adding new fillup. No need to be at the station since 7.0.10 version. In Fuelio 7+ you can add new station using this method:

Another way is to send us mail with location of the station and name.

See the screenshot - Adding new price (Home -> Add Fillup -> Click on Select station)

Note: If you don't see this option, probably you are new user and you need to add more fillups, use the app for some time.