Backup files, importing data to Fuelio

How can I import data to Fuelio from other apps or manually from my paper/Excel notes? How can I backup my data? What about Cloud Backups?

Before trying manually import data to Fuelio - try open source project made by our users which is able to convert files from similar apps to Fuelio. You'll find it here:
Fuelio Converter

Manual CSV creation
Fuelio is using CSV format to store backups. It's easy to create CSV file using Libre Office or Excel. Please take a look at the sample file. You can open it and just add your data.

Note: Common mistake is wrong form for date. Make sure to change template date format at the top of the file to match date format in entries. If you have prepared file and you have still have a problems just mail me. Sometimes it's a quick look and I'm able to locate errors.

How can I backup my data? What if I lose my phone?

There are two types of backups in Fuelio: local and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive). If you are afraid something bad could happen and you can lose your car's history - just use cloud backups. It's simple. Just activate it in Dropbox/Google Drive section. While adding new fillups files will be exported to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. We are using official Google's API and Dropbox API.

We don't have permission to your Drive or Dropbox account. We are using API with limited permission: Drive - Fuelio can write and read files only created by the app. No way to read any file from your Drive. For Dropbox - we are using App's API and this API is seperate from your files on your Dropbox.

Where are my files stored after export (backup)?

Local backups
For local backup all files are stored in /Fuelio directory in your root of internal storage (/sdcard/Fuelio/). You can use file manager to copy them to other location. You'll find here /backup-csv/ directory with manual selective backups (Settings/Backup/Export CSV option) and backup-local (files saved using Settings/Backup/Backup All option).

Google Drive
Files exported to Google Drive are saved in the folder: Android/Fuelio (you'll find backup-csv and backup-sync directories).

Dropbox is saving files from Android apps in "Apps" directory. So in the root of your Dropbox directory you will find "App" folder and inside it you should see "Fuelio" directory. If you want to import file directly from Dropbox just put your csv in /Apps/Fuelio/backup-csv/ and then Import option from Dropbox screen will see your file.

I lost my phone, my phone is broken. I forgot to turn on cloud backups. Can you help me to restore my data?

No. We don't store user's data on our servers.