FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Fuelio doesn't show fuel consumption even if I have many fillups added in the mileage log. How many fillups do I need to add to see consumption?

    To see fuel consumption (fuel economy) and some other values in the Stats you need at least two full fillups. Fuelio is using full tank algorithm to calculate consumption. It's the most accurate algorithm to calculate that. Thanks to that I can calculate how many litres/gallons you have used between fillups. There are other algorithms for example based on empty tank but it's a little bit less accurate and it's not safe to drive with empty tank. Maybe this will show as option in future updates.
  2. Translation is missing, translation in incomplete or something is bad translated.

    For translation I'm using Crowdin service which is very cool and easy. You can use it to help me to translate Fuelio to your language. It's very easy. If you found some mistakes in translation you can also change it there. Link: http://crowdin.net/project/fuelio
  3. How can I import data to Fuelio from other apps or manually from my paper notes?

    Fuelio is using CSV format to store backups. It's easy to create CSV file using Libre Office or Excel. Please take a look at the sample file. You can open it and just add your data. Just take note at the date format at the top. It's a common problem. Make sure date format template (yyyy-MM-dd) matches your date in log. If you have prepared file and you have still have a problems just mail me. Sometimes it's a quick look and I'm able to locate errors.
  4. How can I backup my data? What if I loose my phone?

    There are two types of backups in Fuelio: local and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive). If you are afraid something bad could happen and you'll loose your car's history - just use cloud backups. It's simple. Just activate it in Dropbox/Google Drive section. While adding new fillups files will be exported to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. I'm using official Google Drive API and Dropbox API so it's safe.
  5. Where are my files stored after export (backup)?

    Local backups
    For local backup all files are stored in /Fuelio directory in your root of internal storage (/sdcard/Fuelio/). You can use file manager to copy them to other location. You'll find here /backup-csv/ directory with manual selective backups (Settings/Backup/Export CSV option) and backup-local (files saved using Settings/Backup/Backup All option).

    Google Drive
    Files exported to Google Drive are saved in the folder: Android/Fuelio (you'll find backup-csv and backup-sync directories).

    Dropbox is saving files from Android apps in "Apps" directory. So in the root of your Dropbox directory you will find "App" folder and inside it you should see "Fuelio" directory. If you want to import file directly from Dropbox just put your csv in /Apps/Fuelio/backup-csv/ and then Import option from Dropbox screen will see your file.

  6. Google Drive backup is not working (eg. "Internet Connection Error. Check your network setting and try again." error)

    1. You should give Fuelio permission to your Google Drive account. You should see permission window while using this option for the first time. You should see Fuelio here on your Google account: https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions

    2. Another common problem is that you have already Android directory on your Google Drive and Fuelio don't have access to it. For a quick test just rename your Android directory on your Google Drive and try to do backup from Fuelio again. Fuelio should create Android/Fuelio structure.
  7. How can I use Fuelio with bi-fuel vehicles (CNG, LPG)? What about fuel types?

    Since January 2016 it's possible to track your expenses also for bi-fuel vehicles. Just make sure you have setup fuel type int the vehicle section. Also there you can choose if your car has two tanks (for example gasoline + LPG/GPL).
  8. Fuelio sample CSV file

    Download: Fuelio CSV sample file
  9. Cost categories. There are only a few cost categories in the app. Can I add my own categories?

    Yes, of course. You can do it in the app. Just go to Cost Log and tap on three dot button at the top (action bar). You'll find here Cost category option. You can create as many categories as you want.
  10. Crowdsourcing: I don't see prices in my area? Is there something wrong with the app?

    We are collecting prices and this is based on crowdsourcing. The number of prices, updates depend on active users in your area. Don't forget that sometimes price is not the most important thing - you'll find in Fuelio also ratings and information about services.
  11. No petrol station in my area, petrol station is missing. Can I add new petrol station by myself?

    Yes! We are working hard to keep our database up-to-date in terms of petrol station. If something is missing - you can add new petrol station by yourself. You can do that while adding new fillup.
    No need to be at the station since 7.0.10 version. In Fuelio 7+ you can add new station using this method (see image). Another way is to send us mail with location of the station and name.

    See the screenshot - Adding new price (Home -> Add Fillup -> Click on Select station)
    adding new petrol station to FUelio

  12. What app permission do you need and why?

    We take your privacy very seriously. We are not using any permission in the app if it's not needed.

    Play Store permission name:
    Indentity (Uses one or more of: accounts on the device, profile data)

    This is only listing accounts on your device. It's used by Google Drive account picker. Thanks to that you can click on "Choose account" button and I can list accounts. Listing is not giving any permission. After clicking on the account you'll be asked about permission. This is also needed for Google Play Services we are using.

    Play Store permission name:
    Location (Uses the device's location)

    Fuelio can save your GPS position and add it to fillup. It is also used on the Map screen.

    Play Store permission name:
    Photos/Media/Files (Uses one or more of: files on the device such as images, videos, or audio, the device's external storage)

    Thanks to that I can save backups on your internal directory. Fuelio is saving files only in one folder on your device. It's Fuelio directory.